Out of Africa!

My first trip to Africa. To Maasai Mara in Kenya. I had no idea what to expect. I thought I’d see a lion or two if I’m lucky. A few wildebeest maybe. The Great Migration? I didn’t think I’d be lucky.

But I was surprised and delighted beyond my imagination in my first trip. Here is a compilation of short videos that capture the best moments of my trip:

  1. The Lions! From cute little cubs to large majestic lions, watch the amazing action here. Don’t miss the roar, the big cat walk and the king having his meal of wildebeest.

2. For some unexpected moments with animals in Africa. It starts with a Giraffe and Croc encounter that had me terrified!

3. Now for some herds of animals and the great crossing of wildebeest across’d see one of them taken by a couple of crocs, sadly

4. Now for some Cheetah action.

5. And some Leopards.. don’t miss the leopard in the rain..

6. Finally Mongoose, Hyenas, Servel cat (yes more cats!) and beautiful Superb Starling bird