Maldives Animals

Maldives, an Archipelago and collection of 26 Atolls in Indian Ocean. Beautiful islands, coral reefs, fishes and beauty. I was able to snorkel in the house reef and spot some beautiful reef fishes. Spotted hermit crabs, butterfly fishes and blue coral while snorkelling.

Saw some parrot fish and reef sharks in the ocean later at night.

When I climbed aboard a submarine that took me 125 feet deep, to a beautiful coral reef, I saw something interesting. Some of the fishes merrily going about had gashes on their bodies. Some had small nicks. Some had two or three deep gashes. Teeth marks. So these fishes were attacked by something else, probably a bigger fish or a shark and escaped! These were survivors! It was fascinating for me to learn this.  I naively assumed that when a fish gets predated, it just gets swallowed full. Oh silly me!